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Wolseley UK Ltd is the UK operating subsidiary of Wolseley PLC, one of the largest distributors of building products in the world. Wolseley UK's head office is at Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. The company is wholly engaged in the distribution of construction products and materials through a nationwide branch network.

The company is organised into trading brands, which service distinct customer groups. Many of these brands are market leaders with outstanding reputations for supplying professionals in the construction market. Names such as Plumb Center, Parts Center, Pipe Center, Drain Center, Climate Center, William Wilson are widely recognised throughout the industry.

Wolseley UK provides a daily delivery service to branches from three massive regional distribution centres situated at Ripon, Worcester and Milton Keynes - backed by a national distribution centre at Leamington Spa. The company uses its own fleet of specially designed commercial vehicles. Branch-based vehicles then complete the 'Hub and Spoke' network by satisfying local accounts. The Wolseley UK commercial fleet boasts more than 2,000 vehicles, making it one of the biggest in the UK.

The company has invested heavily into information technology. All Wolseley UK branches have been networked to mainframe central computers for over 15 years and the company has eight fully transactional websites. Continuing investment in the latest supply chain software maintains high levels of efficiency whilst minimising costs. Wolseley UK also invests heavily in people. There is a company-wide training structure and a policy of promoting from within wherever possible. All employees are encouraged to develop core and associated skills utilising internal and external resources.

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