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Wolseley UK, part of Wolseley plc, recognises the importance of growing its business in a responsible way, addressing the issues of sustainability where practicable to do so. Sustainability is a key issue which has moved up the agenda in recent years. There is a broad based consensus in government and business that striving for sustainability is critically important for society.

Wolseley UK has chosen to adopt the banner of Corporate Responsibility (CR) to cover the wide range of activities entailed in operating a sustainable business.

These include

  • Ensuring that it offers customers timber products from verified sources, through a chain of custody scheme
  • Having its environmental management activity verified through ISO 14001 certification
  • Leading the industry in the field of sustainable transport
  • Creating the innovative Sustainable Building Center at Leamington Spa
  • Implementing award-winning health and safety initiatives
  • Creating a robust and responsive corporate responsibility management structure
  • Promoting the highest standards of fleet safety among its commercial vehicle and car drivers
  • Recycling an increasing proportion of the waste it produces in the course of its operations
  • Encouraging staff to become involved in voluntary and charitable activities

Wolseley plc is a member of the UK's FTSE4Good Index. The FTSE4Good Index is designed to measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards and to facilitate investment in those companies where CR issues are an influencing factor in the investor's decision making process.

For more information, please click HERE to view Wolseley plc's corporate sustainability report.


Wolseley UK
Wolseley Center
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