Wolseley UK is the trading subsidiary for Wolseley plc’s businesses in the UK.

Wolseley UK is the UK's leading distributor of plumbing and heating products to the professional market and a major supplier of building materials.

Wolseley plc’s business vision is to:
"Create enhanced value for all stakeholders by leveraging the considerable strengths of its individual businesses"
and Wolseley UK has evolved substantially in recent years in pursuit of this vision.

Wolseley UK’s document setting out our Standards of Business Conduct: "How We Work" describes our commitment to operate to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour. We are committed to:

  • treating our employees in an open, honest and unprejudiced way which encourages them to achieve their full potential;
  • protecting the environment and contribute to the wellbeing of the societies in which we operate;
  • ensuring the safety of people;
  • supporting human rights;
  • building relationships with our customers based on mutual trust seeking to deliver solutions which anticipate and meet their needs;
  • valuing the diversity of our suppliers and working with them in innovative ways that create added value for our customers and trading partners; and as a result, ensuring we manage effectively the economic, social and environmental impacts of our business activities in the different markets in which we operate.

Central to these commitments is our obligation to work within the law and regulations of each jurisdiction in which we operate.

This policy and associated principles have the full endorsement of Wolseley UK’s Leadership Team and senior management. We are committed to managing and upholding this policy as an integral part of our business processes and to measuring our performance in respect of its implementation.

While this policy will not provide the answer to every eventuality, it establishes a framework to guide employees’ behaviour and decision making in line with the values of the organisation.

Ethical behaviour is important in its own right. Wolseley UK believes it is also good for our business because a successful business is one which acts with integrity and by its actions earns the trust and respect of its customers, suppliers and employees. We believe this policy will provide a basis on which to embed and demonstrate our commitment to sustainable and ethical business practice and help us to discharge our obligations as a responsible UK company.


  • Our corporate conduct: We are committed to work within the laws and regulations of all jurisdictions in which we operate and to adopt established ‘best practice’ where legal frameworks are unclear.
  • Creating long term value: We shall conduct our business to the highest standards of business ethics, transparency, integrity and corporate governance practices to generate long term financial return for our shareholders.
  • Health & safety: We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities, including our employees, contractors and the public. We shall provide a safe and healthy working environment and, shall not knowingly compromise the health and safety of any individual.
  • Our environmental impacts: We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impact of our activities. We shall seek to prevent pollution through the effective control and management of emissions (to air, water and land), waste, raw materials and natural resources and other local, environmental and community issues. We shall achieve this through the implementation of environmental management system.
  • Our people: We value our employees and associates and believe it is important to create a culture of mutual trust and respect. We shall ensure that people are treated fairly and with dignity and consideration for their goals and aspirations. We shall work to ensure that diversity in the workplace is encouraged and promoted. We are committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and will not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation, or harassment.
  • Human rights: We recognise governments have primary responsibility to promote and protect human rights. Where relevant, we shall work with governments and agencies to support and respect human rights that are within our sphere of influence, including those that relate to the areas of our suppliers’ sourcing. We shall not tolerate human rights abuses, and will not engage or be complicit in any activity that solicits or encourages human rights abuse.
  • Our communities: We seek to collaborate, consult and work in partnership with the communities in which we operate. We shall seek to contribute to our communities by supporting innovative programmes that benefit all our stakeholders.
  • Our customers: We shall strive to ensure our customers are treated fairly and professionally and, offer the highest level of service and quality of products. We shall work with our customers to help them in the safe and responsible use of equipment and material purchased or hired from us. We shall seek to provide them with advice and guidance about sustainability issues to ensure that our beliefs in this respect are conveyed to all our customers.
  • Our suppliers: We shall operate in a fair and open manner with our suppliers. We shall disseminate our Corporate Responsibility Policy to them so that our policy and principles are clear through the entirety of our supply chain. In particular, we shall work with them to help develop sustainable products and services ensuring that their sourcing strategies comply with our respect for human rights and our commitment to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Communication with our stakeholders: Open and transparent communication with all our stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, government and the society at large – is important to us. We shall seek to engage with all our stakeholders clearly, honestly and respectfully, and will do so in a timely and meaningful manner.