At Raptor we have one goal;

To provide trade professional quality tools and accessories geared at our customers very specific needs so that they can do their job and do it well.

Our exclusive range. Great choice. Great value

"Raptor is a brand that has been built from the ground up around this ethos to cater for a tradesman’s specific needs. Don’t believe us? Well take the Plumbers Holesaw Kit that features all of the key sizes that most Plumbers use on a daily basis. Or our incredible DiamondTech™ Holesaws – these amazing bits have been developed and engineered specifically to cut holes through the toughest of materials, especially those often found in modern bathroom installations such as Marble, Granite, Slate and Ceramic tiles. By using the highest quality of materials, the latest technologies and cutting-edge production techniques in the worlds most advanced factories; each Raptor product offers multiple benefits; making your life on the job easier, faster and simpler.

Diamond Tech

The DiamondTech™ Wet & Dry technology improves Power Tool performance on every level, delivering the highest performance on even the most difficult of materials, cutting where no other blade or bit will, both quicker and longer than ever before. Featuring premium grade exposed diamonds that are vacuum brazed bonded to give optimal performance, this exceptional technology allows for easy start plunge cutting without the need of a guide – perfect for even the tightest locations.

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