Build custom lists for easy ordering

To save you the hassle of searching for your products, lists help you organise the products you buy regularly and makes re-ordering simple.

Create personalised groups of your own custom lists. Add products to your lists from the product page, Order status, Quick order, basket pages or upload directly from a spreadsheet using Product upload.

Lists can be saved in My favourites, My job lists, My van/stock lists or My other lists, so you can organise and find the right list in less time and with less hassle.

My lists are also a quick way to check live branch stock availability and view the personalised trade prices of the products you buy time and time again.

  • Build customised lists, to save the hassle of searching and make re-ordering easy
  • Personalise and create your own easy to manage lists
  • Order your usual products much quicker
  • Mange your lists whenever and wherever you need to



Create a customised and convenient list of products to make re-ordering simple.

You can add products to a new or existing list at anytime, when browsing the website.

We have given you total control when creating new lists; decide the group, the name, description and type of list you need.

Now just add products to create your new list.

You can easily make a personalised list for anyone in your business.

Add or remove whichever products you wish, plus you can copy existing lists too.

Your Lists are set to ‘Private’ as default so only you can view them. To share lists with someone else change the ‘Type’ to ‘Shared’.

Add the products from the list you need and then proceed to the basket to order for collection or delivery.

You can easily amend and change your lists whenever you need to.

Make the changes and remember to save the updates.