Find the products you order most… quicker!

To save you having to search for your frequent products, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Check live branch stock availability and view your personalised trade prices of your Most Ordered products – whether ordered online or in branch – in one handy place so you can re-order in less time, and with less hassle.

My Most Ordered is open to Trade customers only and can be accessed via the ‘Ordering’ section in the ‘My Account’ area. Plus, remember to share your Most Ordered list with the Buyers and Viewers who have access to your online account so that everyone can benefit.

  • View your My Most Ordered list without the hassle of searching
  • Personalise and create your own easy to manage lists
  • Order your usual products much quicker
  • Refresh your list whenever you need to

How to guide


To access your Most Ordered list either use the Tools drop down at the top of the page or find it in the ‘Ordering’ section within My Account.

Simply add the products to basket to view, live branch stock availability and your personalised trade prices.

From your original, you can easily make a personalised list for anyone in your team.

Simply make a copy that gets saved in your ‘My favourites’ area, rename the list to whatever you need and you can then add or remove whichever products you wish.

Your Lists are set to ‘Private’ as default so only you can view them. To share a list with someone else, simply change the ‘Type’ to ‘Shared’.

We are giving you total control of your Most Ordered list. By clicking the refresh button whenever you feel the need to, we will go back through your purchase history and recreate a new Most Ordered list for you.

Don’t worry though, the original won’t be lost – it will be saved in your ‘My Favourites’ area.

By having your most regularly purchased products in one place you can quickly re-order the products you need.

Simply add the products from the list you need, and then proceed to the checkout to order for collection or delivery.

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