Order approval limits

We are giving you total control over your account – set the appropriate limits and user permissions to meet your business needs in real time. Remember: Only account administrators can set order limits. Administrators and approvers can approve, reject or edit orders.

  • You can easily set approval limits for all users in your account
  • Clicking on the order number will open a detailed view of the order, including products, pricing, collection branch details and any delivery notes
  • You can easily set up another approver in Manage users
  • You can now edit orders in the basket before you approve or reject



Set an approval limit for all users. When setting your limit, consider that order values are inclusive of VAT and Delivery if applicable.

Click the order number to view the details. You can accept, reject or edit the order in the basket. The buyer will receive confirmation.

You can approve multiple orders by selecting them and clicking ‘approve’.