Tired of searching for paper documents?

You can now receive all your documents direct to your inbox, on a schedule of your choice

Make life easier with eDocuments

We’re making business admin easier for you with our new eDocument service, giving you access to more features to help you spend less time on paperwork and more time on real work.

  • Go paperless – say goodbye to paper filing and storage
  • Its FREE and easy to use
  • Receive all your ePODs, invoices, credit notes and statements direct to your inbox on a schedule of your choice
  • Choose individual PDF (separate documents in a ZIP file) or consolidated PDF (all documents in one file)
  • Access all your documents issued within the last seven years online 24/7
  • Help reduce paper waste
  • Complete your admin when it’s convenient for you
  • Only a few simple steps to get set up

You can choose to receive your ePOD’s (electronic proof of deliveries), invoices, credit notes and statements by email in PDF format at the frequency that suits you. You can add up to ten email recipients for each document type. Set up your eDocument notifications on the Account preference page.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to receive your documents via email, you can view, download or print copies of your documents as they become available on the My eDocuments page. You can access all documents issued within the last seven years.

eDocuments allows you to store your documents digitally with the flexibility to search, sort and download them, quickly and easily to suit your exact requirements.

Want to go paperless?

Simply sign up to our FREE Paperless eDocument service, which completely replaces all your current paper-based billing services, meaning you will no longer receive paper invoices, credits or statements. You can select which documents you would like to go paperless with on the Account preference page within the eDocument preferences section.

Getting Started

Go Paperless

  • It’s quick and easy to go paperless – click 'Go paperless' at the bottom of this page and log into your account. Since you are already logged in, we have your account details to hand – simply activate your eDocument notifications and confirm your paperless preferences.
  • If you don’t have a wolseley.co.uk account, you can still benefit from paperless eDocuments, register your existing trade account online. Make sure you have your Wolseley account details to hand.
  • Be sure to add [email protected] to your safe senders list / contacts, as some email providers will automatically add it to your junk inbox by mistake.
  • We will only email you if you have documents available.
  • The download link within the email will expire after 31 days.
  • Not sure you’re receiving your documents? Please contact our Online support team, we’re always happy to help. Email [email protected], call 0344 891 0196 or tap the green bell on any page to start live chat.
  • For queries directly relating to your eDocument’s please email [email protected].

Paperless Information

Paperless eDocument’s completely replaces your current paper-based document services and you will no longer receive paper documents.

For VAT purposes your electronic bills must be kept as a permanent record. To fulfill this requirement the documents are supplied as PDF files (Portable Document Format) for permanent storage.

HM Revenue & Customs have published a guide on Electronic Invoicing Legislation for the UK. This explains the issuing, receiving and storing of VAT invoices in an electronic format.

The guide can be downloaded from the HMRC website by clicking here.

Paperless Terms and Conditions

To view the Paperless Terms & Conditions, please click here.

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