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Need help finding the right parts? Use PartsArena®, the industry leading parts identification tool.

  • Free to Trade account customers
  • Quick and easy identification of the parts you need
  • 20,000 exploded diagrams and over 10,000 images makes identification simple
  • Available 24/7 on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Add to basket to see live stock availability at your local branch and your personalised trade prices
  • Product information at your fingertips

*PartsArena is a registered trademark of Infomill Ltd

How to guide

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Search quickly for a known appliance (GC Number) or part number.

Click the Browse button to go to the alphabetical list of manufacturers.

Once a boiler has been selected, click ‘view’ to see the exploded diagram or look at other boilers in the range.

Identify the spare part you require then click on the number in the red box and the item will go to the top of the list.

Simply add the products to your basket, and then proceed to the checkout to order for collection or delivery.