View the status of every order, including delivery and product information

Tired of carrying so many plastic cards? Wolseley ID is a more secure, convenient method of digital identification that the whole company can benefit from. This provides added protection when placing or collecting orders. Simply log in and click ‘My Account’ on any smartphone, tilt your screen 90 degrees and present your live Wolseley ID in branch.

The benefits of digital identification

  • Real time online account users have their personalised Wolseley ID
  • Only available once logged in – giving you total control of your workforce
  • Wolseley ID cannot be lost like a plastic card
  • The spinning icon on the ID screen is LIVE – so it cannot be replicated or shared
  • The account administrator can deactivate a user at any time with immediate effect



Log in to your account and click on ‘My Account’

Once on your My account dashboard, turn your phone 90 degrees

Present your live Wolseley ID when placing or collecting your order in branch