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A Guide to Center 7-day programmable room thermostat

Our guide to both the Center Wireless 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat and Center Wired 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat has everything you need to make the most of these market-leading products. From installation guides and user manuals to troubleshooting common problems, we're here to help you choose and use the right thermostat.

Why choose CenterStat?

7 days of programming

large back-lit LCD display

Wirelessly working straight from the box

Simple user interface with manual and automatic modes

Wireless control includes wall mounting or table stand options

Build in memory saves programme, for example after a power cut

CenterStat programmable wired thermostat

We made it even better!

CenterStat programmable wireless thermostat

Improved, robust materials

New, built in memory holds programme

New packaging

New, improved software

New quick start guide

QR code taking you to consumer support

Information for the installer

Our guide to Center Thermostat installation will help you avoid common problems with the thermostat not connecting. Please read the following points before installation.

Quick Start Guide - Installer

The thermostat and receiver are already paired together. If you have un-paired them by accident, please see page 4 in the installation guide.

The thermostat and the receiver must be at least 30cm from any metal or electrics, including the boiler casing. Mounting multiple receiver units alongside each other can cause wireless saturation.

The building's structure may influence the performance of wireless products e.g. foil backed plasterboard, thick stone walls, etc.

Keep the thermostat at least 1m away from any object that could create interference e.g. microwave ovens, wireless hubs, smart meters, cordless phone bases, etc.

The Center programmable thermostat has a default schedule. Help the end user to program their schedule after installation and save call backs later.

What do the lights on the receiver mean?

Green light - when the signal is good.

Red flashing light - when the wireless signal is lost.

For further information please see page 3 of the installation guide.

Technical Data Sheets

Download a pdf version of the Center Wireless Technical Data Sheet

Download a pdf version of the Center Wired Technical Data Sheet

Installation Guides

Download a pdf version of the Center Wireless Installation Guide

Download a pdf version of the Center Wired Installation Guide

Best practice during installation

Troubleshooting Guide

How to programme

Information for the homeowner

The Center Thermostat manual has all the instructions you need for both wired and wireless models, including how to program them.

Quick Start Guide - Homeowner

Your Center programmable thermostat will be most efficient when it's used in automatic mode not in manual mode.

A programmable thermostat allows you to create a schedule that reflects the heating requirements in your home. This will help you to reduce wasted heat and increase the systems efficiency.

There are no "off" periods just time and temperature set points. The boiler will only call for heat if the room temperature drops below a set point.

You can program up to 4 different set points for each day of the week, to suit your needs. To find out how to programme your thermostat, please go to page 3 of the user guide

SettingSelected temperatureRoutine
Set point 1. (P1)6am - 19°CGetting ready for work/kids ready for school
Set point 2. (P2)9am - 15°CComfort temperature
Set point 3. (P3)3pm - 21°CChildren are home
Set point 4. (P4)9pm - 12°CTemperature reduced for bedtime
User Guide

Download a pdf version of the Center Thermostat User Guide

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We've addressed some of the common challenges people have when they can't get their Centre Thermostat working as they would like. It's usually a simple fix!

1. I have a flashing red light on my reciever - what does it mean?

+ -

The thermostat & reciever has lost their pairing. Please refer to page 4 of the instruction booklet to re-bind. Please ensure you refer to the installation video to ensure reciever & stat are positioned correctly to prevent reoccurance.

2. A flame symbol appears on my thermostat but nothing happens - what do I do?

+ -

Don't worry. The flame symbol is purely the thermostat receiving information, it is not an indicator of action.

3. The house is not reaching the temperature I expect it to be at.

+ -

This could be due to numerous reasons, some of the most common are listed below, but please ensure you refer to the installation & trouble shooting videos which will highlight some things to be considered.

Are the thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) set too low? If the TRV is restricting the amount of heat allowed in the radiator then the thermostat will continue to unsuccesfully call for heat.

Is your thermostat placed in a position that will effect performance (i.e. placed in direct sunlight, above a radiator or close to another heat source) if the thermostat feels warm enough, it will not call for heat.

Has the thermostat been programmed correctly to call for heat at the right time of day? (refer to programming video for guidance)

4. The house is too hot or varying temperature around the house.

+ -

Ensure the programming is calling the right amount of heat at the right times of day (refer to programming video for guidance).

Ensure the room where the thermostat is placed has the thermostatic radiator valves set correctly, if the one in that room is set too low & the remainder of the house has them set high, then the thermostat will keep calling for heat as the room is in won't get to the required temperature.

5. How do I manually call for more heat?

+ -

Use the middle button to change "auto" to "manual" Once done, simply press the up/down buttons to required temperature.

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