System-to-system integration allows us to send quotes, receive orders and provide acknowledgements, invoices and credits in an electronic format.

Exchange information directly between us and our customer’s back office systems without the need for manual keying, phone calls or emails. For customers who can produce documents in a consistent format.

Through eSolutions, we aim to be the easiest and most seamless merchant to do business with, saving you time and hassle which helps you make more money by:

  • Reducing your administration costs
  • Improved data quality, meaning the entire supply chain is more efficient
  • Shorter business cycle, meaning transactions can be exchanged in minutes
  • Improved business efficiency, through automating manual tasks
  • Delivering strategic business benefits
Cyber essentials

Certified with the UK government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme

Today, over 100 customers are already benefitting from our eSolution services with over 650,000 orders placed every year

Admin costs
Cash flow
Order account
Electronic invoicing

Don’t just take our word for it...

“With Wolseley’s eBusiness solutions, an engineer can attend a boiler break down in a customer’s home at 7pm, place the order for parts electronically on site, and have the parts available for fitting at 8am the next day.

This is far more efficient for scheduling our engineers and provides a better service for our customers.”

Keith Stainfield, Customer Service Manager, SSE

Automate your manual processes

Find the solutions that benefit your business processes the most:


  • eCatalogue – Up-to-date product and price file
  • eQuotes – Quotes can be loaded directly into your system
  • eOrders – Send orders direct from your system to our branches


  • eAcknowledgements – Live updates at various stages of the order process


  • eInvoices – electronic invoices sent straight to your back office system
  • eCredits – electronic credits sent straight to your back office system

We have already successfully integrated with various third parties and system providers:

Ebusiness consultation flow diagram

Your back office system must be able to produce and accept electronic documents in a consistent format and file layout such as:

Accepted file formats

Our experienced eBusiness implementation team will help you every step of the way, from initial consultation to go live and will:

  • Agree the scope with you
  • Conduct a fact find and map your process
  • Suggest options and solutions
  • Scope the technical details
  • Agree milestone dates
  • Manage the build and testing of the solution
  • Oversee the project through to go live
  • Support you with your new electronic process
  • Be your primary point of contact for any queries
Ebusiness consultation flow diagram

Find out more

Speak to your Branch, Area Sales Manager or Key Account Manager as usual or contact our eBusiness implementation team directly.

Call: 0344 891 0187

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm