Integration Hub (iHub)

Customers and Field service management companies seamlessly integrate our suite of API services into their own applications.

Exchange real-time information directly between us and our customers back office system and mobile workforce platform without the need for manual keying, phone calls or emails. For customers who can develop their own application and use RESTful API technology.

iHub makes it easy for customers to create bespoke solutions to follow or enhance their business process with Wolseley, by using real-time data to make informed decisions throughout the procurement process. This means our customers operations can be more efficient with greater levels of control and without the need for users to leave their own system, which saves customers time and hassle.

Integration hub
Cyber essentials

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Find Branch
Live Stock
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Automate your manual processes

Use the API’s that benefit your business processes the most:

Use an API process
  1. Get branch
    Request a list of all currently trading branches

  2. Get stock
    Send product & branch codes
    Receive live stock levels

  3. Get price
    Send account number and product codes
    Receive live prices

  4. Submit order
    Send us your order

To follow or enhance your current business process with Wolseley.

Ihub business process

Get branch

Get stock

Get price

Submit order

Getting started

Developers can discover and learn more about our API’s by visiting our Developer portal

For customers using a connected Field service management (FSM) company, please contact them directly to enable our API services.

Find out more

Speak to your Branch, Area Sales Manager or Key Account Manager as usual or contact our eBusiness implementation team directly.

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