Low Carbon Heating

Low Carbon Heating from Wolseley

Low carbon heating covers a range of different ways of providing heating to a home without burning fossil fuels. Providing sustainable heating for a property can dramatically reduce its carbon footprint. With more and more people seeking out alternatives to gas boilers, low carbon heating technologies are becoming ever more popular.

The Future Homes Directive 2025, with the aim of 75-80% less carbon than current standards, is the first major landmark set by the UK Government to make heat sources more environmentally friendly. Heat pumps and other renewables such as solar thermal are seen as some of the main renewable solutions to help hit the Future Homes Directive.

Use of Renewable technologies are often also incentivised by the Green Homes Grant, making the technology accessible to a wider audience.

Heat pumps are a sustainable heating option that use mains electricity to transfer ambient heat from either the ground (ground source heat pumps) or the air (air source heat pumps) into the home. As more and more electricity is generated from renewable, eco-friendly sources, the carbon footprint of heat pumps will decrease.

Heat pumps and other renewables are suitable for a wide range of homes, but work best in new build and well insulated properties. They are ideally suited to underfloor heating, but can also work with radiators when sized correctly.

At Wolseley, we are the trade heating specialists. That means you can rely on our innovative range of low carbon heating products to provide your customers with quality, environmentally friendly heating. Be sure to also take advantage of our great underfloor heating range – the perfect partner for heat pump based systems.

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