Beermaster BFC-1-AC free cooler

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Product Description

The New Beermaster from Climate Center is a flexible packaged cooling system, designed to fully incorporate the demands of the modern cellar cooling industry. An extensive range of reliable, efficient, service friendly condensing units and evaporators catering for cooling capacities between 3 and 15 kW, with rated ambient temperatures up to 38°C. Selections are available with cellar temperatures from 4°C to 12°C, which will meet the increasing range of cooling requirements for pubs, clubs and wine bars. In addition, sound levels have been minimised throughout the range of BMO condensing units and BMIE evaporators. Consisting of compact BMO outdoor, weatherproof, housed units aligned with space saving BMIE evaporators now incorporating EC fan technology, the Climate Center Beermaster range is the solution to all cellar cooling applications. Operating two BMIE evaporators will successfully cool cellars with irregular shapes (with one BMO condensing unit.) Temperature is controlled from one evaporator, the other acting as a slave unit. Beermaster BMO condensing units are designed to minimise sound levels, which together with an acoustic kit option enables a further 6 dB(A)reduction, in noise sensitive locations. The BMIE evaporator compact design incorporates a highly efficient EC axial fanset, reducing sound, resonance and vibration, therefore minimising sound break out into bar and accommodation areas.

Product Features

  • Equipment detailsthe free air cooling system consists of a fan
  • Filter
  • Controller
  • Damper
  • Connection spigot and casingthere are two temperature probes provided
  • One for monitoringoutside temperature which is required to be located outsidethrough the damper and wall holethe other temperature probe monitors the cellar temperature operationthe free cooling system operates as follows:the free cooler starts operating when the cellar temperaturerises to a set point (11°c) and outside ambient temperatureis 8°c or belowthe fan draws fresh air through the damper and filter at aconstant speedthis fresh air is circulated within the cellar by using one or twofans from beermaster evaporatorwhen the temperature in cellar reduces to 105°c
  • The free arecooling system fan stops drawing air from outside
  • However
  • The beer master fan(s) continue to circulate air in the cellarif the outside temperature rises above 8°c
  • The free air coolingsystem goes to standby and the beermaster cellar coolingsystem takes overwhen the cellar temperature drops below set point (10°c)
  • Then the beermaster heaters will operate to maintaincellar temperature