Beermaster BMIE BMIE407-37 EC fan evaporator

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Product Description

The compact and durable Climate Center Beermaster BMIE407-37 evaporator has a highly efficient EC axial fanset designed to reduce sound, resonance and vibration, minimising sound break out into surrounding public areas such as bars and accommodation.

Product Features

  • Compact steel chassis
  • White finish
  • Durable single piece ABS front panel incorporating fan mounting and controls
  • Polypipe is a standard drain fitting
  • Electronic controller
  • Mounted in a subassembly with fan capacitors and pre-made wiring connections
  • Incorporates off-cycle defrost regime, automatically initiates
  • Single phase fanset
  • Low noise external rotor
  • EC high efficiency
  • Rated to IP44, with air straightener
  • 1 year warranty

Web Pack Includes

Evaporator only