Eliwell ID Plus ID+902 NTC sensor 230v 8a

Product code: 673591

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Product Description

Electronic controllers for static, ventilated refrigerators and heated surfaces in the catering industry. Enriched by functions such as Deep Cooling Cycle (advanced algorithm that allows a rapid reduction in temperature), Easy Map (function that allows multiple preloaded machine configurations) and Condenser Over Heating (function that allows monitoring of the compressor discharge temperature, notifying the need for maintenance of the condenser).

Product Features

  • New simplified range of controllers
  • Standard eliwell 32x74mm format
  • All controllers with one voltage free digital input
  • Display with 3 digits and 8 coloured icons
  • Connections: ttl port for connections to usb unicard or televis system
  • All suitable for 230vac supply - no transformer required