Firebird Enviromax C26 high efficiency heat only boiler including flue pack

Product code: 101130

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Product Description

The ideal Boiler for installation under a kitchen worktop. High quality polyester coated finish ensures that your Boiler won’t look out of place in your kitchen.

Product Features

  • SEDBUK Band A Efficiency
  • 20kW to 35kw output (70,000 to 90,000 BTU/h)
  • Compact design-fits under standard kitchen worktop
  • Sturdy durable white PVC coated casing
  • High performance Riello RDB 2.2 burner
  • Patented Firebird condensing heat exchanger
  • Water way in the base of Boiler
  • Front access for ease of service
  • Condensate pump (optional)
  • Multi directional Flue option
  • Choice of Flue outlet options: conventional Flue,low level balanced Flue, high level balanced Flue,vertical balanced Flue
  • Balanced Flue assembly: 125 (5'')
  • Conventional Flue Assembly (mm): 100 id
  • Drain Off Cock: 1/2'' BSP
  • Mains water supply pressure: Min 1 bar- Max 10 bar (For user comfort, we recommend pressure at tap to be between 2 and 5 bar)
  • Limescale excess: When over 150/200 ppm fit appropriate scale reducer
  • Water side resistance: Flow rate to a give a nominal output at 10K differential: Flow rate measured (kg/h) 2874.24, Waterside resistance (mbar) 0.18. Flow rate to give a nominal output at 20K differential: Flow rate measured (kg/h) 1522.92, Waterside resistance (mbar) 0.19

Web Pack Includes

Boiler and flue