Glow-worm Compact 24c-AS/1H-GB combi boiler heat pack 24kW

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Product Description

This comprehensive pack includes a Glow-Worm Compact 24kW combi boiler, Glow-Worm horizontal flue kit, Center heating system inhibitor (500ml), Center heating system cleaner (500ml), a selection of manual and thermostatic radiator valves and a choice of Centerad Compact radiators (30k BTU, maximum of 7 radiators). They say great things come in small packages, and that’s exactly what you get with the Glow Worm Compact combi boiler. It’s the most compact and lightweight boiler that Glow Worm has ever produced, but don’t let its stature fool you – this boiler delivers big performance. It’s sturdy and reliable, delivering reliability that your customers will love. It’s also a dream to install, saving you time, hassle and bruised knuckles. With a stainless steel heat exchanger, it also ensures a durable long-lasting performance.

Product Features

  • Small footprint allows for flexible, fast installation
  • User-friendly display for quick and easy commissioning
  • 25mm spacer frame enables piping behind the boiler while still fitting in standard 300mm cupboard
  • Optional analogue clock can be fitted hassle free, without removing the boiler case
  • Optional pipe accessory for the central heating return to bring the connections in line with traditional domestic boiler layouts
  • Free out-of-box 5 year guarantee
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Compatible with the Glow Worm Power system filter

Web Pack Includes

109038 Glow-worm Compact combi boiler 24c-AS/1 H-GB
200287 Glow-worm horizontal flue kit 60/100 PP
609940 Center heating system cleaner 500ml
609939 Center heating system inhibitor 500ml
256562 Center CB Center angled wheelhead manual radiator valve with lockshield 15mm
256554 Tradefix 19.11212 angled TRV with wheelhead & lockshield 15mm
268218 CenterRad Compact 45SG80 SC radiator 450 x 800mm 2007BTU
268220 CenterRad Compact 45SG100 SC radiator 450 x 1000mm 2520BTU
268222 CenterRad Compact 45SG120 SC radiator 450 x 1200mm 3033BTU
268223 CenterRad Compact 45SG140 SC radiator 450 x 1400mm 3547BTU
268248 CenterRad Compact 60SG40 SC radiator 600 x 400mm 1257BTU
268250 CenterRad Compact 60SG60 SC radiator 600 x 600mm 1919BTU
268252 CenterRad Compact 60SG80 SC radiator 600 x 800mm 2579BTU
268254 CenterRad Compact 60SG100 SC radiator 600 x 1000mm 3238BTU
268256 CenterRad Compact 60SG120 SC radiator 600 x 1200mm 3897BTU
268257 CenterRad Compact 60SG140 SC radiator 600 x 1400mm 4557BTU
268288 CenterRad Compact 70SG40 SC radiator 700 x 400mm 1437BTU
268290 CenterRad Compact 70SG60 SC radiator 700 x 600mm 2195BTU
268292 CenterRad Compact 70SG80 SC radiator 700 x 800mm 2950BTU
268294 CenterRad Compact 70SG100 SC radiator 700 x 1000mm 3704BTU
268296 CenterRad Compact 70SG120 SC radiator 700 x 1200mm 4458BTU
268297 CenterRad Compact 70SG140 SC radiator 700 x 1400mm 5213BTU
268239 CenterRad Compact 45DG80 DC radiator 450 x 800mm 3773BTU
268241 CenterRad Compact 45DG100 DC radiator 450 x 1000mm 4738BTU
268243 CenterRad Compact 45DG120 DC radiator 450 x 1200mm 5703BTU
268244 CenterRad Compact 45DG140 DC radiator 450 x 1400mm 6668BTU
268274 CenterRad Compact 60DG40 DC radiator 600 x 400mm 2323BTU
268276 CenterRad Compact 60DG60 DC radiator 600 x 600mm 3549BTU
268278 CenterRad Compact 60DG80 DC radiator 600 x 800mm 4768BTU
268280 CenterRad Compact 60DG100 DC radiator 600 x 1000mm 5987BTU
268282 CenterRad Compact 60DG120 DC radiator 600 x 1200mm 7206BTU
268283 CenterRad Compact 60DG140 DC radiator 600 x 1400mm 8425BTU
268311 CenterRad Compact 70DG40 DC radiator 700 x 400mm 2625BTU
268313 CenterRad Compact 70DG60 DC radiator 700 x 600mm 4008BTU
268315 CenterRad Compact 70DG80 DC radiator 700 x 800mm 5385BTU
268317 CenterRad Compact 70DG100 DC radiator 700 x 1000mm 6762BTU
268319 CenterRad Compact 70DG120 DC radiator 700 x 1200mm 8139BTU
268227 CenterRad Compact 45XG80 DPX radiator 450 x 800mm 2877BTU
268229 CenterRad Compact 45XG100 DPX radiator 450 x 1000mm 3612BTU
268231 CenterRad Compact 45XG120 DPX radiator 450 x 1200mm 4348BTU
268232 CenterRad Compact 45XG140 DPX radiator 450 x 1400mm 5083BTU
268261 CenterRad Compact 60XG40 DPX radiator 600 x 400mm 1772BTU
268263 CenterRad Compact 60XG60 DPX radiator 600 x 600mm 2706BTU
268265 CenterRad Compact 60XG80 DPX radiator 600 x 800mm 3635BTU
268267 CenterRad Compact 60XG100 DPX radiator 600 x 1000mm 4565BTU
268269 CenterRad Compact 60XG120 DPX radiator 600 x 1200mm 5494BTU
268270 CenterRad Compact 60XG140 DPX radiator 600 x 1400mm 6424BTU
268299 CenterRad Compact 70XG40 DPX radiator 700 x 400mm 2001BTU
268301 CenterRad Compact 70XG60 DPX radiator 700 x 600mm 3057BTU
268303 CenterRad Compact 70XG80 DPX radiator 700 x 800mm 4107BTU
268305 CenterRad Compact 70XG100 DPX radiator 700 x 1000mm 5157BTU
268307 CenterR