Grundfos EC UPS2 15-50/60 2 phase pump (Head only)

Product Code: 181996

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Product Description

The new Grundfos UPS2 is the ideal product for the replacement of small heating circulator which are currently installed in heating systems with limited space and which do not meet the current efficiency levels as stipulated under the EuP directive. The Grundfos UPS2 Universal pump has been designed to fit into a location where a Grundfos UPS15-50 or UPS15-60 model is currently located.

Product Features

  • Three pumps in one - choose the setting that fits the demand of your system a choice of 4m
  • 5m
  • Or 6m the pump remebers the setting incase of power failure
  • Control box - the control box of the ups2 can be mounted to the left
  • Right or to the top
  • Cable gland - the cable gland of the ups2 is the same design as that used on both the ups15-50 and ups15-60 circulators this minimises time taken on changeover
  • Pump head - where the existing pump base is in good condition a pump head option can be chosen in order to minimise installation time by replacing the pump head only
  • Size - the ups2 is almost identical in overall dimensions to the ups15-50/ups15-60 models
  • Screw - in older pump systems it may occasionally be necessary to manually free the pump shaft if it becomes blocked in operation the ups2 is fitted with a screw which allows access to the pump shaft so that it is easier to deblock the pump once installed