Grundfos Hydro Solo-E Optimum GO MI 301 universal dongle

Product code: 101268

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Image for Grundfos Hydro Solo-E Optimum GO MI 301 universal dongle from Wolseley

Product Description

This Grundfos Hydro Solo-E Optimum universal dongle connects you to Grundfos GO, a comprehensive platform for mobile pump control. Intuitive and simple Grundfos online tools save time and work, offering easy reporting and data collection and remote control of installation, data monitoring and fault recognition via IR or radio connection. This tool is suitable for domestic ground water intake, drinking water treatment, ground water intake, solar water solutions, surface water intake, water distribution, flood control, wastewater treatment, wastewater transport, irrigation groundwater supply, livestock watering, irrigation surface water and transfer applications.

Product Features

  • Saves time and effort
  • For installation, data monitoring, fault information and configuration of Grundfos systems
  • Offers access to Grundfos online tools for reporting