Intergas Xclusive 30 combi NG boiler with horizontal flue pack

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Product Description

With its central flue, built-in expansion vessel, touch screen control panel and RF module for wireless communication, the Xclusive is not just smart, it’s even more installer-friendly than ever. Naturally it incorporates our patented back-to-back two-in-one aluminium heat exchanger; its intelligent design means there’s no need for a diverter valve, valve motor, auto air vent or secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, so all the parts that tend to stick, leak or let you down just aren’t there. The central heating water and cold tap water flow directly through the heat exchanger ensuring optimum heat transfer while minimising heat losses, making the Xclusive not just ultra-reliable but highly energy efficient.

Product Features

  • Optimum heat transfer
  • Minimul heat loss

Web Pack Includes

Horizontal Flue