Jet JD1+ F50 flanged deaerator PN16 50mm

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Product Description

This Jet JD1+ deaerator, with 50mm connections, is a highly efficient air separator designed for use in heating and chilled systems. Preventing issues such as microbubbles, which can form on a pump suction as a result of a localised pressure drop, affecting liquid displacement of rotary pumps to reduce flow capacity by 10-45%, the JD1+ helps to improve the efficiency and overall working life of your system by simply and effectively removing free and dissolved air.

Product Features

  • PALL ring technology
  • Additional manual air vent for rapid air release during commissioning
  • Heat allows dissolved gases to be drawn out of solution (Henry's Law), therefore placement is important to guarantee effective operation
  • Dirt particle removal to 45m (micron)
  • Operating temperature -10 to 120°C
  • Maximum working pressure 10 bar
  • PED 97/23/EC sound engineering practice
  • EN 60534-2-3
  • DIN 2633
  • CE marked
  • DIN2633 PN16 connections

Web Pack Includes

Air separator only