Aladdin EZF03 isolator valve starter 15mm

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Product Description

"The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator enables an isolation valve to be inserted quickly and safely in a pipe that can have cold or hot water flowing through it under high pressure. It provides an effective and robust product for all plumbers, maintenance engineers, water companies, housing associations and the DIY market.Use the EasyFit Isolator as an emergency shut-off for a leaking pipe or when the mains stopcock is seized or inaccessible. Also when you need to isolate a mains water feed to a multi-occupancy building or to maintain a component in a heating system.The EasyFit Isolator saves time cooling, draining down, refilling and returning to de-aerate. The bigger the system, the bigger the saving. No more freezing kits and the risk that an ice plug will fail.The EasyFit Isolator is an essential product for all plumbers."

Product Features

  • As an emergency fitting, where the external stop-valve (ESV) or an internal stop-valve (ISV) is inaccessible or will not work.e.g.One national plumbing maintenance company has many call-outs a week where it cannot currently complete the job on the first call-out because it cannot access the ESV and has to request the local water authority to shut-off the water supply before returning
  • this can take two weeks. One recent example was that a tarmac path had been laid over the access to the ESV. The great majority of these jobs will now be completed on the first call-out using an Aladdin EasyFit Isolator as an emergency stop valve.
  • As a convenience device in multi-occupancy buildings (e.g. hotels, shops and HMOs – homes of multiple occupancy) where water supply to one area needs to be worked on without inconveniencing other occupants.e.g.A regional plumbing contractor is tendering for a job to refurbish the en-suite bathrooms in a market-town small business hotel. Utilising Aladdin EasyFit Isolators to isolate each bathroom allowed the contractor to plan the work sequentially, so that the hotel can maximise its letting-rooms for the duration of the refurbishment without inconveniencing its guests.
  • As a time-saving (and therefore cost-saving) fitting, avoiding the time-wasting delays associated with freezing or draining-down. e.g.Another national plumbing maintenance company regularly services water-cooled air conditioning systems in shopping centres. It will use Aladdin EasyFit Isolators to isolate each system at its next service, in order to speed-up future services.
  • As a “Green” alternative, particularly to gas-freezing. e.g.A number of plumbing firms will now be able to take-on jobs that they previously turned down because they would not do jobs that needed gas-freezing.
  • To provide the home-owner with an accessible emergency shut-off valve
  • Is a WRAS APPROVED stop cock patent protected product.
  • Incorporates an on-off valve for ongoing use: Large bore – full flow.
  • Is made with stainless steel housing and brass components.
  • Is fitted by using a mains or battery-powered drill with the installation kit, consisting of a hex-bit driver, a socket and socket driver, and Phillips-head driver, all re-usable for further Aladdin EasyFit Isolator installations.
  • Reduces overall job costs versus freezing or draining down by time-saving.
  • The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator takes 3-5 minutes to fit
  • the alternatives are either draining the system or using gas or electric pipe-freezing, any of which can take 30-50 minutes.
  • Insterts a large-bore on/off valve, with a flow-rate reduction of just 2%.
  • Avoids the flooding risk{ice-plug fail} and health & safety risk { freeze-burn} inherent in freezing
  • is a substabtially “greeber” solution than – Gas-freezing :using the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator avoids emitting HFCs(hydrodluorocarbon gases), environmentally harmful “greenhouse” gases. – Draining-down: using the Aladdin EasyFit Isltator avoids wasting water
  • and for hot water, avoids the reqirement to consume energy to heat the re-fill. – Electric-freezing: avoids the consumption of considerable electricity as well as the capital cost or rental of the electric-freezing equipment.