Potterton Eurocondense Five 520 duo floor standing boiler 520kW

Product code: S07503

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Product Description

The floor standing Potterton Eurocondense Five 520 condensing boiler is easier than most to install, thanks to a reduced size and top-mounted connections. Simple to integrate into both new and existing systems, this 520kW output boiler is suitable for use in a range of commercial settings and can make up part of a cascade system. Compatible with a range of controls and complete with a reliable, lightweight aluminium heat exchanger for a 6:1 modulating ratio the Eurocondense Five provides adaptable efficiency to suit a variety of requirements.

Product Features

  • Top mounted hydraulic and flue connections for easy installation
  • Compact dimensions and small footprint
  • Lightweight aluminium/silicon alloy heat exchanger for reliable, highly efficient heat transfer
  • Efficiency up to 106.6% net (up to 97% gross)
  • 6:1 modulation ratio to meet variable heating requirements, ensuring optimum energy efficiency and running costs
  • User-friendly control panel includes operation status, weather compensation, timer for heating and DHW, fault diagnostics and, where relevant, cascade operation
  • Range of controls available to suit a variety of settings
  • 5 Years warranty

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