Raptor DiamondTech Holesaw - 6.5mm

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Product Description

Our Raptor DiamondTech™ Holesaws are something that little bit special. These metal wonders have an exposed Diamond grit edge that has been specifically developed for trades professionals who need to drill into extremely hard materials such as Marble, Porcelain, Glass Granite, Cast Iron and many more on a daily basis where a conventional holesaw simply wont cut it. What’s more our DiamondTech™ Holesaws use high grade diamonds with an advanced brazing bond matrix and a tough alloy body to give not only an exceptional, clean cut finish but also superior durability, lasting up to ten times longer than a conventional bit. But the advantages don’t end there; unlike most conventional Diamond Core Drills, our DiamondTech™ Holesaws do not need a continuous flow of water – perfect for on the job site where this can be difficult to obtain. Instead simply dip them into water at the start of each hole and thereafter every 5 seconds during the cut duration. You can even use the larger sizes with an angle grinder by using an adaptor. At Raptor we love this very special technology as do countless professional tradesmen. Still doubtful? Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed. About DiamondTech™ Every now and again you stumble across something that doesn’t just up the game, but rips up the rule book, throws it on the floor and changes the game entirely leaving the rest fighting to keep up. For us at Raptor, that technology is DiamondTech™. The DiamondTech™ Wet & Dry technology improves Power Tool performance on every level, delivering the highest performance on even the most difficult of materials, cutting where no other blade or bit will, both quicker and longer than ever before. Featuring premium grade exposed diamonds that are vacuum brazed bonded to give optimal performance, this exceptional technology allows for easy start plunge cutting without the need of a guide – perfect for even the tightest locations. Suitable for use on a vast array of materials including; Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass, Granite, Marble, Travertine, Slate, Fibre Cement Board, House Brick, Fibreglass to name just a few.

Product Features

  • Suitable for cutting grade 5 porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, travertine, slate, glass, drywall, cement board, wood, laminates and bricks, Glass (up to 19mm) plus many more!
  • High grade exposed diamonds for fast, clean cutting
  • Advanced Brazed Bonding provides up to 10 times longer operating life than conventional cutting bits
  • Water Starved Operation - Doesn’t require a continuous flow of water, simply dip the bit in water before beginning the cut and then every 5 seconds during Perfect for job sites where its difficult to locate running water
  • Tough Alloy Body for improved durability