Testo 330-2 flue gas analyser for domestic and light commercial applications professional set

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Product Description

The testo 330-2 LL is a professional flue gas analyser for commercial and domestic applications. As standard it is fitted with long life O2 and CO sensors which give an extended lifetime of up to 6 years and can be fitted with an optional NO sensor. These long life sensors mean a saving in service costs since at least one O2 and CO sensor replacement can be saved in the course of the typical working life. These robust sensors are also better-suited to working with larger commercial boilers where there is the possibility of higher CO concentration. The 330-2 includes a dilution feature which automatically dilutes the gas sample when high levels of CO are detected. This protects the sensors and also allows the analyser to continue measuring even if the CO goes up to 30,000ppm. This analyser uses a colour graphics display which gives very clear simple access to measurement menus and readings. Up to eight flue gas readings can be displayed at the same time, giving full results at a glance without scrolling through menus. There is also a unique “flue gas matrix” display and full graphical display of measurements. Testo 330-2 includes a logger function which allows up to 2 hours continuous measurement, with the results recorded in memory. Site details are conveniently managed using folders in memory. The 330-2 also includes a fresh air valve which means the gas sensors can be programmed to be zeroed even while the probe is still in the flue. This is convenient when setting up larger burners. Testo 330-2 Professional Set for the Commercial Installer and Heating Engineer includes Testo 330-2 analyser, power supply/charger, flue gas probe (300mm x 8mm diameter) and carry case.

Product Features

  • Long life 02 and CO sensors lasting up to 6 years
  • Optional NO sensor
  • Long life CO sensor to 8,000 ppm
  • Dilution for CO measurement up to 30,000 ppm
  • Draught and gas sensor zeroing with probe in flue
  • Measures flue gas, timed CO build up, let by & tightness, differential temperature, draught and pressure
  • Displays ratio, CO, 02, CO2, NOX (optional), flue & ambient temperature, excess air, gross & net efficiency and dew point
  • Timed tightness and letby tests
  • Timed ambient CO test with graphical display of levels
  • Gas and oil rating tests
  • Ambient CO2 (with optional probe)
  • For use with all common fuel types and user-defined fuels eg wood moisture content
  • Extended memory for 500,000 readings
  • High quality probe and hose with built in thermocouple for flue gas temperature
  • Probe filter - Quickly and easily exchangeable
  • Dedicated ambient temperature probe
  • EasyHeat PC software option
  • USB as standard for connection to PC
  • BlueTooth option
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Adjustable level CO sensor protection shuts off pump
  • Optional probes for CO, CO2 and gas leakage
  • Independently tested to EN50379
  • Meets the requirements of BS7967 and Gas Safe Technical Bulletin TB143
  • 3 year instrument and sensor warranty