Tradefix angled thermostatic radiator valve 15mm

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Product Description

A simple and cost-effective solution, the Tradefix angled thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce heating bills while providing homeowners with improved comfort simply by adjusting the radiator in response to temperature changes in the room. Incorporating 2-way flow technology for simpler, more flexible installation, the Tradefix TRV ensures first-time-right fitting.

Product Features

  • Includes TRV and lockshield
  • 2-way flow
  • Equal/equal connections allows standard valve body to be fitted vertically or horizontally
  • Wax sensing element
  • Nickel finish
  • 8 - 28°C controlling range
  • Fully off and frost positions
  • 15mm connections
  • 10 bar maximum operating pressure
  • 120°C maximum water temperature
  • 6 bar maximum differential pressure
  • Conforms to EN 215 standards
  • 2 year warranty