Warmup StickyMat underfloor heating mat 11mSQ, 1650W - 150W/mSQ

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Product Description

The StickyMat System is ideal for installations within regularly shaped areas, where the 0.5m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. The StickyMat system can be used with all floor types compatible with underfloor heating whether you are choosing laminate flooring, vinyl, carpet, tiles or other. The compatibility with all floor coverings and the fact that StickyMat does not visibly raise the floor height makes it the ideal system for refurbishment projects. StickyMat comes in two different power variants; 150W/m2 and 200W/m2, so it is ideal for use as a primary heat source and in rooms with high heat-loss such as conservatories. The StickyMat system consists of a thin 1.8mm wire evenly spaced and taped to a glass fibre mesh with pressure sensitive adhesive. The pressure sensitive adhesive securely binds the mats to the floor, keeping them flat and ensuring the application of tile adhesive is snag free whilst allowing the mats to be easily repositioned when necessary.

Product Features

  • Fastest installation of an underfloor heating system
  • Uses Warmup's renowned 1.8mm heating wire - no increase to floor levels
  • Self-adhesive backing - easy to reposition
  • Use with all floor finishes
  • Choose from two options – 150 watts per M/2 or 200 watts per M/2
  • Cable can be removed from mat to fit around difficult objects
  • Lifetime limited manufacturer warranty
  • SafetyNet™ installation guarantee
  • If installing with vinyl and hardwood flooring, use 10mm of levelling compound

Web Pack Includes

E00407 Warmup StickyMat SPM11 floor traffic mat area 11mSQ, 1650W 150W/mSQ