Worcester Classic 42CDi ErP combi boiler including horizontal flue

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Product Description

Please note - This Offer contains a choice of Flue option. If you wish to order Online our Online Support Team will contact you following your purchase in order for you to select your requirement.;The Greenstar condensing Combi Boilers have an annual efficiency of up to 90%. This energy saving performance is delivered by extracting more heat from the Flue gases normally lost to the environment through the Flue system. Along with reducing heating and hot water bills, most of the Greenstar condensing Combi range also reduce the NOx emissions achieving 3 credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes. An essential aspect of the Greenstar condensing Combi is the separate plate domestic hot water heat exchanger, guaranteed for 5 years (subject to conditions), this Combined with the Keep hot feature ensures that hot water is delivered instantly to the tap.

Product Features

  • Aluminium - silicon heat exchanger delivers high efficiency and reliability
  • In-built Keep hot facility keeps approx. 2.5 L hot within the heat cell to ensure that hot water is delivered instantly to the opened outlet
  • For the environmentally aware public the Eco Mode button will enable the Boiler to use energy on demand. In this case the keep hot facility is disabled and the water will be heated from cold
  • Central heating mode will ensure that the Boiler initially fires at minimum output. Electronics within the Boiler will ensure the temperature meets the systems requirements
  • Hot water mode means that a flow switch activated through the electronic control systems ignites the pre-mix burner and Boiler output is maximised to heat instantly the cold water. Further the controls will modulate the output downwards accommodating the temperature
  • Fluing options provide a versatile and flexible fluing system that enables the appliance to be situated virtually anywhere

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Boiler and flue