Pegler Yorkshire YPS12 90deg elbow 15mm Copper/Chrome Plated

Product code: 512206

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Product Description

Potable integral solder ring fittings- Yorkshire Potable Integral Solder Ring (ISR) capillary fittings in sizes from 6mm to 108mm contain a ring of high quality lead-free solder. When heat is applied, the solder is released into the gap between the tube and the fitting, creating a reliable joint without the need for end-feeding additional solder. Yorkshire general range fittings are manufactured from copper and copper alloy. Available in sizes from 6mm to 67mm, fittings are designed for jointing copper tubes to BS EN 1057 in hot and cold water services, in small bore and minibore central heating, low pressure steam heating, and in vented and unvented closed circuit heating systems. Yorkshire Potable fittings are guaranteed for 25years against manufacturing defects and are WRAS approved. Tee, reduced branch all ends for copper.

Product Features

  • With just the right amount of high quality lead free solder simply add heat for a perfect joint time after time
  • Yorkshire offers all the advantages of traditional copper systems including coppers anti microbial qualities
  • Resistance to corrosion and wear and tear
  • Compact and easy to lag
  • Attractive when visible