Wolseley renewables design service

Wolseley renewables design service

Our design service is here to provide Wolseley customers with a facility to have bespoke renewables designs plus a comprehensive and accurate price breakdown for all the equipment required for your next renewables project.

How does it work?

Our design service team will require you to complete a design request form with as much information as possible, along with a set of electronic working drawings and, if possible, a SAP calculation. On receipt of this, they will work with you to deliver designs that ensure accurate pricing of equipment, to keep customer costs down and gives you full indemnified designs for full peace of mind.

Benefits to our design service are:

  • Property survey completed by an approved surveyor.
  • A full design report produced detailing recommendations on sizes and positions of heat pumps and cylinders plus other key information.
  • Certification demonstrating that the design has been carried out to meet the relevant standards, using equipment that has been designed and manufactured to the highest level.
  • All designs are covered by the design service indemnity insurance.

Have a retrofit project that requires a design?

We have you covered. Our tailored retrofit service will provide you with expert support on transforming your existing property. From survey site visits through to product selection, our team are ready to help you find the right solutions for your retrofit project.

Interested? Start your design service journey today and request a design.

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