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Choosing the right pump for the job

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Shower pumps are suitable for boosting water in gravity fed plumbing systems, where there is usually a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard, but which type of pump is right for the job?

    Do I need a positive head pump or a universal (negative head) pump?

    The gap between the bottom of the cold water storage tank and the highest point in your pipework or highest outlet determines whether your gravity fed system is positive or negative head. Positive head pumps will only work in positive head systems. Universal (negative head pumps) will work in both situations.

    You have a positive head system... If you have more than 600mm from the bottom of your cold water storage tank to the highest point in the system after the pump.

    You have a negative head system... If your outlet or highest point in the pipework after the pump is above, or in line with, the 600mm point below the cold water storage tank.

    Do I need a shower pump or a whole house pump?

    Choose Center brand if you are boosting to a conventional shower in a positive head installation. To boost to the shower and other whole house appliances such as a bath, kitchen tap or washing machine you need a whole house pump.

    Do I need a single pump or a twin pump?

    Twin pumps are designed to supply both hot and cold water to showers, bathrooms and the whole house.

    Single pumps are to supply hot or cold water, either to single or multiple outlets. This can often be when the cold water is mains fed and the hot needs boosting to match this pressure.

    What bar rating do I need?

    For smaller individual shower heads choose 1.5 bar. For multiple outlets, medium sized bathrooms and shower heads choose 2.0 bar. For multiple outlets and larger bathrooms with multifunction showers and body jets choose 3.0 bar.

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