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Low water pressure?

AccuBoost is the answer

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  • Lightweight
  • Ready to install
  • Mains booster – stores cold water at pressure

The range comprises five different sizes; 60L*, 120L, 180L, 300L, 450L, all available in either pumped or unpumped models.

The pumped models ensure minimum flow rates of 12 l/min plus the additional flow provided by the tank.

For more information and product selection support, ask in-branch.

* Only available in pumped

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Browse Wolseley’s high-quality shower pumps and power shower pumps to find exceptional showering solutions – whether you’re looking for a twin impeller shower pump or regenerative positive head pump.

Explore our range of reliable shower pumps and easily transform showers in low pressure systems using booster pumps suitable for up to 3.6 bar. Discover shower pump options, such as:

  • Negative head shower pumps
  • Shower booster pumps
  • Positive head shower pumps
  • Power shower pumps
  • Single impeller shower pumps
  • Shower pump accessories

With shower pumps from leading industry brands, such as Salamander, Grundfos and Stuart Turner, you can rest assured that you can rely on each to provide continual high performance throughout the shower pump’s lifetime. All pumps we supply are chosen for their durable design and reliable manufacturing, so they can withstand heavy domestic use.

Find top shower pumps in our range at Wolseley and get access to our exceptional trade prices when you register online. Order yours today to enjoy our fast home delivery or free in-branch collection.