Boiler replacement guide

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Waste not, want not

We all need to do more to help reduce waste and protect the environment. Installers can demonstrate their green credentials by ensuring they treat waste products in a responsible manner

Smart showering

As the product that launched the digital showering experience back in 2001, Aqualisa’s Quartz remains the best-selling digital shower in the UK. David Beattie highlights how to go about fitting the updated version

How to defrost a frozen condensate pipe

Discover how to defrost a frozen condensate pipe with this instructional video from Ideal. In just a few simple steps, get your boiler running again this winter.

Energy Efficiency with Smart Home Heating

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Nest: Smart Home Heating Interview

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How Does Central Heating Work?

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How to change a radiator valve

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How to install underfloor heating

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Off-grid heating guide

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What is LPG?

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How to Fit a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Find out how to fit a carbon monoxide detector and follow our step-by-step guide to keep your home safe. Read more online today at Wolseley.