Alternatives To Gas Boilers

Carbon reduction targets are set by the UK Government, and Wolseley are at the forefront in providing renewable products. 2025 has been earmarked as when gas boilers will be banned from use in new build homes. Replacing these are low carbon heat pumps which include ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) and air source heat pumps (ASHPs) which are powered by electricity. Wolseley offer a wide range of renewable heating options , from industry-leading suppliers. We have highlighted some of these alternatives to gas boiler in this article. We can help you with all your requirements, visit your local branch or call us today.

Altherma range

Daikin has vast experience in developing the most energy efficient technologies in heating and hot water solutions powered by renewable and traditional energy sources.

Their Altherma range of air-to-water heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, making heating your customers’ homes an energy efficient process. This range of products used for new builds or refurbishments include:

  • Monoblocs from 5kW to 16kW
  • Low temperature split systems from 4kW to 16kW
  • High temperature hydro-split systems, for water temperatures of up to 80°C, from 11kW to 16kW
  • Hybrid systems powered by an optimal combination of air, electricity and gas, depending on seasonal conditions and energy prices

Sustainable sources of energy

Vaillant has been among the technology leaders in innovative heating solutions, with specific expertise in heat pumps for over 40 years.

Their comprehensive range of renewable technologies has been designed to utilise sustainable sources of energy for:

  • Solar
  • Thermal
  • Ground
  • Air
  • Water source products

They are continuously advancing the development of heat pump technology. Every product developed is subjected to rigorous materials analysis, robustness testing, lifetime testing and acoustics analysis and is applied to every spare part manufactured.


Grant UK supplies an extensive range of renewable heating products from air source heat pumps, solar thermal and cylinders through to underfloor heating systems and aluminium radiators.

They offer a ‘one stop shop’ for package heating solutions, delivering complete home heating solutions for your customers.

Grant’s Aerona air source heat pumps are available in outputs ranging from 6kW to 17kW and use the more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, are compatible with common ‘S’ and ‘W’ plan control systems, and achieve some of the highest SCOPs available in the heat pump market today. All of this making the R32 Grant’s greenest, most efficient heat pumps yet. They also provide specification and design assistance via their dedicated in-house team and offer:

  • Complete heat loss calculations
  • Whole house designs
  • Full line-by-line drawings for underfloor heating systems

Ecodan range

Mitsubishi Electric’s market leading Ecodan range of air source heat pumps offers reliable, renewable heating and is ideally placed to support projects either large or small through the ongoing rapid growth of the UK air source heat pump market.

Features and benefits:

  • Fully pre-plumbed cylinders offering simple installation and reduced time on jobs
  • Ultra-quiet models allowing an Ecodan to be fitted in almost any location
  • All pre-plumbed cylinders are WIFI enabled allowing control via computer or smartphone
  • Energy monitoring as standard so you don’t need to add a separate meter for RHI compliance
  • SD card commissioning allowing standard settings to be replicated, speeding up the commissioning process
  • Design service to support and ensure correct product selection
  • 7 training centres nationally giving you access to training in your area
  • Dedicated Ecodan sales and support teams offering you unparalleled service

Underfloor heating solution

Heat pumps are most efficient when heating water up to around 35-40°C, so aren’t suitable for use with traditional convection radiators, which need heat to be at 70-80°C to work effectively.

This leaves underfloor heating (UFH) as the most viable heating option when gas boilers phase out. With wet UFH, benefits include:

  • System runs at 35-40% only to heat up the water
  • Compatible to work with GSHP and ASHP
  • Pipework hidden from sight

Creates extra interior space When completing any new build or retro-fit, JG Speedfit offers a suite of underfloor solutions to make your installation as efficient as possible:

  • Largest technical sales team in the UK
  • Free estimation and CAD design service
  • Fast and simple installation