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Helping to drive industry excellence

The introduction of new legislation in September 2020 (BS 7593:2019) signifies a shift towards the protection and maintenance of the whole heating system rather than solely the boiler. Dr Neil Watson, Global Technical Director at ADEY, considers what this means for installers and how you can ensure you are compliant.

Driving change

BS 7593 is a regulatory requirement within Part L of the Building Regulations. The new BS 7593:2019, which supersedes the now withdrawn 2006 version, is an important step change and one which will benefit the industry as a whole. Perhaps the biggest change will see the fitting of a permanent in-line filter as a requirement, in addition to a chemical clean and fresh water flush before inhibitor is added.

Once incorporated into Part L of the Building Regulations, BS 7593:2019 will become law so it’s important that installers are aware of what the new legislation includes. This intervening period is the perfect time to prepare and is an ideal opportunity for you to demonstrate excellence through compliance.

Best practice for best results

The addition of regular water quality testing and re-dosing of chemical inhibitor, proper system cleaning and the mandatory installation of an in-line filter to the industry’s code of practice, will help significantly improve the efficiency and life expectancy of every household system. The most effective way for installers to ensure they are meeting each of these requirements is to follow ADEY’s Best Practice™ approach.

The six-steps of Clean, MagnaCleanse, MagnaClean, Protect, Test and Maintain will help ensure that you are BS 7593:2019 compliant as well as providing optimum, long-lasting system protection.

Business benefits

These new standards are intended to improve the performance of domestic heating and cooling systems while reducing energy use, lowering carbon emissions and guarding against breakdown; benefits that will all have a positive impact on homeowners.

Lower running costs, fewer breakdowns, longer boiler lifespan, enhanced warranties and reduced carbon emissions are all tangible benefits that will resonate with homeowners. The new standard means that you can confidently offer a more complete service while more regular maintenance and system checks provide an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship.

ADEY’s Best Practice™ approach.

These six-steps will help ensure that you are BS 7593:2019 compliant as well as providing optimum, long lasting system protection.













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