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Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water cylinders are well insulated tanks that store water after it has been heated. This allows for plenty of hot water without the need for constantly running heating, allowing your customers to save money on energy bills.

Direct Hot Water Cylinders

Direct hot water cylinders heat the water inside the cylinder itself, typically with an immersion heater. This makes them well suited for installations that do not have access to mains gas, or where space is at a premium.

Indirect Hot Water Cylinders

Indirect hot water cylinders do not heat water themselves. Instead they use an external energy source to heat the water within the tank. Heated water is run through coils within the hot water cylinder that transfer the heat to the stored water. Usually, this means that they are connected to a boiler, although indirect hot water cylinders are also used in green heating installations such as solar thermal heating or ground source heat pumps.

Wolseley’s unbeatable range of hot water cylinders

At Wolseley, we offer an extensive range of hot water cylinders suitable for every size of project – from a small domestic refit through to a brand-new commercial installation. So, you can be sure to find exactly what you need to get the job done with minimum hassle. We also carry a huge selection from industry leading brands including Center CB, Kingspan and Heatrae Sadia’s Megaflo.

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