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Water Softener Systems

Water filtration

Back to the wall kits – compact and simple installation

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BWT's new three filter system comes at the perfect time when micro plastics and the dangers they can present are in the news.

This and all of BWT's new models are ideal for you and your customers:

  • Delivers excellent filtration
  • Addition of valuable mineral magnesium with primary filtration
  • Removes bad tastes, odours and limescales
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and modern
  • Smaller footprints than traditional systems saving space under the sink

Available at your local branch and online for collection next-day from 7:30am.

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Water Softener Systems

Water softener systems and hard water filters work by using either magnetic fields or ion exchange to soften hard water by removing scale. This creates a more pleasant showering experience and can also decrease scale build ups on shower heads, taps and other brassware – which prolongs the lifespan of parts.

Salt Based Water Softeners

Water softeners that work by ion exchange use salts to replace hard elements in water, like calcium, with softer elements like sodium. This means that they need to be periodically refilled with salt tablets or granules.

At Wolseley we stock a range of water softener salt, as well as a great collection of salt based water softening systems – including industry favourite brands like Monarch Water and Calmag. Browse our range today and find:

  • Water softener salt tablets
  • Water softener salt granules
  • Electric water softeners
  • Non-electric water softeners

Register an account with us now to enjoy access to PartsArena, product selector tools and easy re-ordering. We also offer free instore collection on any order from your nearest branch or fast home delivery – free on all orders over £50.